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Winter Vacation

VibraSens office will be closed from 24th December to 3rd January for Winter Holiday.
We do have some staff for urgent problems but production will be limited.

VibraSens designs and manufactures:

  • ImageIndustrial piezoelectric Vibration sensors
  • Industrial piezoelectric accelerometers
  • Industrial piezoelectric Vibration transmitters
  • mounting stud, captive screw, Magnets, ...
  • Cable assemblies with twisted pair and coaxial low noise shielded cable
  • signal conditioner for piezoelectric sensor : DIN rail constant current source and charge converter.

VibraSens offers:

  • Connectors and backshells used for sensors application.
  • Raw cables: coaxial, twisted pair, standard and low noise cables.
  • Calibration services for all charge, ®ICP, piezoresistive and capacitive accelerometers

Catalog : 100 pages of Industrial Vibration Sensors and Accessories.



Download now the full Catalog and understand why VibraSens is the leading industrial piezoelectric vibration sensor manufacturer in the EURO zone.